Past meets Present Geelong

Geelong is immersed in history it’s everywhere you look and that history goes hand in hand with the ghosts of the past.

Geelong’s uniqueness comes from how we connect our past to our present. And that is shown in this series of images from local photographer Anjella Roessier photos from the past are merged with photos of the area as it exists today, with people from both time periods intermingling.

Anjella romanticises the images saying, ‘don’t our ghosts stay with us, whispering and influencing our lives even from beyond time. May we always remember them and appreciate the world we now inhabit is thanks to them and their dreams.’

People are always drawn to the past and wonder what places you go to regularly looked like and this series of photographs manage to capture exactly that – merging local scenes of Geelong with historic Photographs of the same place.

Anjella scoured the internet, Victorian Libary and the Geelong Historic Centre to find the perfect images to use and the pictures speak for themselves.

Here’s a few of our favourites –




If you would like to see more images from Anjella collection (and you really really should) head over to and check them out! Also let Anjella know what you think.

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  1. Janeece Kelsall August 12, 2018 Subscriber

    Well done on your creative combination of past and present looks great

  2. Sandra August 13, 2018 Subscriber

    Love the old buildings Geelong had – unfortunately many of my favourites were facaded years ago -Bendigo & Ballarat have put us to shame.

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